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The Carbona Story

old bottles We've helped households like yours solve everyday cleaning challenges since 1885. It began with Carbona Cleaning Fluid, which was originally developed and put on the market as philanthropy to avoid fires, thus saving lives and property. During this time, benzine, naphtha and gasoline were the only products known and generally available for spot removing and dry cleaning at home. The newly-discovered chemical which was used to produce the Carbona Cleaning Fluid was the only one 100% non-flammable!

The Carbona Products Company was incorporated in 1908 to begin selling this revolutionary spot remover on the streets of New York in a horse-drawn cart. Sales were robust, totaling $35,000 in the first full year. After securing an endorsement from "Underwriters Laboratories" as "non-combustible" and "non-flammable", demand for the Carbona Cleaning Fluid began to increase dramatically. There was no competition. By 1926, there were sales of Carbona Cleaning Fluid in nearly every country in the world!

In 1994, Carbona joined forces with third-generation family-owned company Delta Pronatura, based in Egelsbach, Germany. Under the Dr. Beckmann brand, Delta Pronatura is a leading manufacturer of stain removal and household cleaning products throughout Europe. Today, as part of a family company, Carbona has an unbroken commitment to develop trusted products like Stain Devils and 2-in-1 Carpet Cleaner for the U.S. consumer.

Carbona® - Because there's more to life than cleaning™

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